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About us



"SIGRAND" is a company that researches, designs and manufactures IP communication purpose digital electronical devices.

We are a hardware developer and software manufacturer of IP telecommunications equipments, and a full scale, independent video surveillance systems research insitute. "SIGRAND" was founded in 2005. Our headquarter locates in Novosibirsk, Russia, site:


Our company assigns OEM orders to a third party manufacture company in China to make our devices under our authentication. Our partner's company is "ABP Electronics", site:



Our Products include:


1 modular routers and switches with interfaces of SPF, Ethernet, SHDSL, VoIP, E1, RS232.


2 all modules with power remote devices through PoE and PoDSL.


3 high-speed SHDSL modems.


4 IP cameras with configurable Ethernet and SHDSL interfaces.


5 video surveillance cameras' smart housings with variable power diode lights.



Our core staff member consists of 20 people, 15 of them are master in electronic engineering and software programming, and 2 out of 15 have the degree of PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from the Tomsk State University.



Our institute is now working on:


1. hardware decode mutiple (more than 16-24 simultaneous FHD video streams) surveillance video stream TV wall display system in cheap solution.


2. open protocol hardware NVR supplied with free data management software on OS level.


3. ONVIF protocol management platform.



Line of activity: high performance, processor and board level, integrated solution to video surveillance platforms with latest IP network technologies.



Latest News

Support long range serial POE devices via "PoE Through Technology" up to: 4 x POE Ethernet10/100M self-adaptive, each port with standard 4 wire PoE power + max 60W; 2 x 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP fiber ports,transceive IP packet data upto 80Km; 2 x 10/100/1000BASE RJ45 Ethernet port; 1 x RS232. Total power: 220VAC / 240W.

Latest products


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