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SG-17S-23 SG-17S-23
Feature: Выполняет функции коммутатора, маршрутизатора, DSLAM
Application 1: Для организации узла доступа с Ethernet и SHDSL интерфейсами
Application 2: Для питания подключаемых устройств по технологии PoE и PoDSL

DSLAM/Switch SG-17S-1RU-CP1-2Eth/220VAC-W3 base platform: (ОС: Linux, 1xRS232, 2xCombo-порт 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP), 1U 19" 220VAC 240W.


SG-17S is a modular switch for connecting any SHDSL and Ethernet equipment. Expansion modules with Ethernet or SHDSL interfaces provide in line voltage for  PoE or PoDSL   technology to power remote devices. SG-17S  support maximum 4 modules. The maximum 32 Ethernet  ports with PoE (when use MS-17E8PP modules) or 16 SHDSL ports with PoDSL (when use MS-17H4P2  modules) . 


Type of interface

2 combo-ports 10/100/1000Base-T /SFP

Flow control

802.3x in full duplex
Collision/carrier_sense based
backpressure in half duplex

IGMP snooping

Version 1, 2

Load balance

based on (port, DA, SA, DA/SA)

Supports VLAN

Port based VLAN
Tag based VLAN
Add/ remove/ modify tag

Class of Service

Port based CoS
802.1Q priority tag based
IP TOS based (IPv4/IPv6)
TCP/UDP port based
2 level per port
WRR/ First-Come-First-serve/ Srict
Priority algorithm

Broadcast storm control

Broadcast rate control per chip
Block broadcast packet that does not
belong to ARP or IP packet forwarded to
CPU port

Port security

MAC address based
IP address based
TCP/UDP port based

Bandwidth control

480 configurable levels for p0~p23 and
MII port (from 32kbps to 63.75 Mbps)

508 configurable levels for RGMII port(from 32kbps to 510 Mbps)

With/without flow control

Spanning Tree protocol

Supports 5 port state

Blocking/ listening/ learning/ forwarding/

Forward BPDU to CPU port


Web interface




240W, 220V


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Support long range serial POE devices via "PoE Through Technology" up to: 4 x POE Ethernet10/100M self-adaptive, each port with standard 4 wire PoE power + max 60W; 2 x 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP fiber ports,transceive IP packet data upto 80Km; 2 x 10/100/1000BASE RJ45 Ethernet port; 1 x RS232. Total power: 220VAC / 240W.

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