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Speed: 14 Мбит/c по одной паре
Application 1: Для увеличения дальности SHDSL устройств
Application 2: Для увеличения скорости SHDSL устройств

SG-17E2P-SLG is designed for increasing the distance between two SHDSL devices SG-17E2P-SLG operates over 2 pairs. Each pair works idependently.


See "The maximum length of signal transmission over twisted-pair dependence of the rate and the cross-section."


Technical characteristics

  • G.SHDSL linear interface characteristics:
    • Number of interfaces: 2
    • Interface type: G.SHDSL (ITU-T G.991.2.bis recommended)
    • Connection type: point-to-point
    • Number of wires in a line: 2 (one pair)
    • Transmission rate, kbit/s: 192-14080
    • Rate increment, kbit/s: 64
    • Linear code: TC-PAM 
    • Communication type: full duplex
    • Input wave impedance, ohm: 135
    • Built-in overload protection
    • Compatibility: SHDSL MR-17H* and MR-17H*P modules installed on SG-17R tub, SG-17B* modem
  • Operation control:
    • From a remote device through SHDSL EOS
    • Statistics gathering by means of SNMP
    • An option of built-in software through RS232 port
  • Service traffic 
    • Service traffic support: available
  • Power supply
    • Local: 36-72 VDC (optional)
    • Remote feed: 250 V, 60 mA (four regenerators in one half-section over single pair)
    • Power consumption: no more than 2,5 W (over single pair)
    • Operation mode: loop or transit of remote power supply
  • RS232C interface characteristics:
    • Transmission rate, bit/s: 115200
    • Protocol: 8-N-1
    • Stream control: not available
    • Connector type: RJ-45 (with DB-9F adapter)
  • Additional functions:
    • Outside alarm interfaces: 3 pairs of contacts to link 3 external “dry contact” sensors
    • ’Copy-paste’ function of the channels: not available
  • Other characteristics
    • Silumin case IP-67
      • Height, mm: 55
      • Width, mm: 147
      • Depth, mm: 225
    • Weight, g: 850
    • Connectors: leakproof metal connectors, one for each group of signals
  • Service conditions:
    • Air temperature: -30 … +45 °С
    • Relative humidity:  up to 100%
    •  Air pressure: 84 – 107 kPa



The regenerators are powered either locally or remotely over the information line from SHDSL modules installed on SG-17R tub. Up to 8 SG-17E2P-SLG regenerators powered remotely may be installed on single communication line. The regenerators operate in the rate range 192 – 14080 kbit/s and enable the transfer of the complete set of multipurpose services without any quality losses. The SG-17E2P-SLG regenerators belong to the class of unattended equipment. The regenerators are controlled through EOS service channel in the SHDSL link from the side of linear terminal equipment and do not need any additional user adjustments. Remote statistics gathering by means of SNMP allows checking and estimating the operation capacity of separate segments and of the point-to-point channel.  The construction of the regenerators is guarded. “Dry contact” control sensors and interphones may be linked to the regenerators. The information on condition of the sensors is available over EOS. This provides control over emergency situations (break-in, fire, flood) in the locations of the equipment.



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