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MR-17V8 MR-17V8
Feature: Поддерживает установку субмодулей с портами FXO, FXS, ТЧ каналы
Application 1: Для организации передачи аналоговых интерфейсов с использованием технологии VoIP


Module MR-17V8 is designed to be installed on the SG-17R universal multiservice platform so as to link up analog PBXs, telephones or voice-frequency channels for further data transmission by means of IP technology.


Technical characteristics

  • General parameters of MR-17V8
    • Max number of submodules installed: up to 4
    • Submodules supported: SMR-17Vo (FXO), SMR-17Vs (FXS), SMR-17Vf (VF)
    • Max number of interfaces installed: up to 8 FXO/FXS, up to 8 VF in the two- or four-wire termination mode 
    • Installation interface for submodules: 2 connectors : 40+10 contacts (system part + linear part)
  • System interface parameters
    • Electric butting type: PCI
    • Bus-Master mode: not available
  • Operation mode
    • Data multiplexing – TDM: available
    • Data routing: available
    • Max number of the modules mounted on one SG-17R* base platform:  4
  • Codecs
    • High quality: G711 (A-law)
    • High speed: G729
    • Full VoIP codec stack support option
  • Other characteristics
    • Module  size (with the lath):
      • height, mm: 20
      • width, mm: 164
      • depth, mm: 125
    • Weight, g: 140
    • Power consumption(without submodules), W:  0.2
  • Service conditions
    • Installed on the SG-17R base platform
    • Air temperature: 10 – 40°С
    • Relative humidity:  up to 85% 
    • Air pressure: 84 – 107 kPa


The number and the type of the linked interfaces are defined by submodules that are installed on the MR-17V8 module. The SG-17R tub supports up to 4 MR-17V8 modules and may function as follows (depending on configuration of the submodules installed):
  • when using SMR-17Vo submodules: as VoIP gateway for connection to common telephone lines;
  • when using SMR-17Vs submodules: as VoIP gateway for connecting telephones in the subscriber mode or for using a usual telephone as a SIP-telephone;
  • when using SMR-17Vf submodules: as a means for setting up voice frequency channels  of two- or four-wire termination for further linking of basic equipment that works at the 300 - 3400 Hz diapason or for uniting BPXs which use this operation mode;
  • when using SMR-17Vo and SMR-17Vs submodules together: as a means for uniting analog PBXs  into single number field, as well as for setting up mini IP PBXs . which provide the basic functions of a usual miniPBX.

In all operation modes VoIP traffic may be sent over any of the interfaces installed on the tub (Ethernet, SHDSL, E1, GBIC (optic)) by means of Linux routing. This enables setting up distributed corporate telephone networks without additional channel-forming equipment.



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